Length vs. Volume: Which Mascara is Best For You?

Which type of mascara is best for you?

Investing in a good mascara is a must for any beauty buyer. A makeup bag stable, you may be wondering what are the real benefits of buying a mascara for length or for volume. To answer this question in short, lengthening mascara is all about elongating your eyelashes whilst, volume is all about adding the right thickness to your eyelash root. Here at Eyeko, we offer a range of industry-loved products that offer benefits for both styles, depending on which type of mascara is best for you!

What is the best mascara for length?

Which type of mascara is best for you?

Skinny Brush Mascara

Formulated with pro-vitamin B5, extend, lift and separate your lashes with our Skinny Brush Mascara. Our slim-design brush with dispersed bristles grabs and captures upper and lower eyelashes to give your eyes a more defined look.

Pair with our Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

An Eyeko bestseller, our easy-to-use Skinny Liquid Eyeliner allows you to draw on the perfect thin feline flicks to accentuate your eyes. Including key ingredient algae extract, achieve a gratifying, colour-intense finish with this go-to product.

What is the best mascara for volume?

Which type of mascara is best for you?

Fat Brush Mascara

Size matters when it comes to our Fat Brush Mascara. Our supersized dense bristle brush coats lashes from root to tip building the look of a volumised full lash fringe. Complemented by our fibre-enhanced keratin formula, our Fat Brush Mascara’s intense carbon-black finish is perfect for giving your peepers clean definition.

Pair with our Fat Liquid Eyeliner

Make your mark with our chunky pen-style Fat Liquid Eyeliner. A vegan formula, deliver bold lines with our Fat Liquid Eyeliner’s intense carbon-black finish that’s not smudge-proof but also fade-proof. Infused with Laminaria Ochroleuca to condition, apply next to your upper or lower waterline to dramat-eyes your look.

So which type of mascara is best for you? We’d recommend trying both to make sure you find the perfect mascara for you.

How to Find Your Perfect Mascara | Take the Eyeko Quiz


How to Find Your Perfect Mascara | Take the Eyeko Quiz

What more do you need to conquer your day than a good mascara? As a staple in the majority of makeup bags, we're here to help you find your perfect mascara. Our innovative, Korean formulations and unique brush designs make sure that you're able to go about your business with lashes that are nourished, protected and look eye-mazing too. Keep reading to find out which Eyeko mascara would be perfect for your eyes.

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