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Here at Eyeko we strive to amplify the voice of women and celebrate who we are and all that we achieve.

Every month we will introduce incredible women to our community who inspire and encourage us. The first episode of our new 'EmpowerHer' series is now live on our social channels, so if you missed it we encourage you to tune in to meet our first guest, the lovely Maxine.

Meet Maxine Slaney

Maxine Slaney is a small business owner of accessory brand Emme Elle Esse. A range of pieces varying from delicate earrings, hand-made hair accessories to handbags and day to day wearable staples.

Hear more from Maxine about how she first started the Emme Elle Esse business, what achievements or moments she is most proud of and of course, why she loves Eyeko London.

Tell us a little bit about you?

My name is Maxine and I’m the owner of Emme Elle Esse. We are a small business made up of hair pieces, jewellery, and accessories. Some handmade, some hand crafted and some carefully handpicked.

Who is Emme Elle Esse?

So the tagline for Emme Elle Esse is ‘for the chic but effortless’. So it’s for girls who want to look put together but in a really simple/ laidback way with a simple accessory. Whether that be a slick back bun and minimal makeup but finished off with gold hoops and a simple chain necklace, or baggy jeans and a t-shirt but with an added hair bow just to keep it cute and girly.

Emme Elle Esse is for the girls that aren’t chasing trends but want the everyday staples that you can pair with anything to elevate any simple outfit. I basically base it off my fashion sense! You’ll never catch me without a hoop earring in.

Can you tell us the story behind setting up Emme Elle Esse?

I have a fashion degree from Manchester Metropolitan, and I’ve always sold bits and bobs that I have made through Depop. Once Covid hit I found myself furloughed with all the time in the world.

That is when the opportunity arose where I thought I could make a start on my own small business. I saw lots of other small business doing the exact same and doing well so I used some fabric I already had from past projects, started making scrunchies, thought of a name, made an Instagram, everybody loved it and it all kicked off from there!

What are you most proud of with Emme Elle Esse?

I do a lot of styled shoots where wedding suppliers all come together for a photoshoot to showcase their products or services and I always love seeing the final gallery featuring my jewellery or hair pieces next to these other amazing suppliers. But I feel most proud when real brides choose to wear my pieces on their wedding day. There are so many bridal suppliers out there but the fact they’ve chosen one of my hair pieces or jewellery for their big day feels very special.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

To celebrate the wins and achievements and never compare yourself to other businesses. We’re all on our own journey so just stay focused on your own goals.

What do you love about Eyeko London?

I think Eyeko and Emme Elle Esse share the same values. The Eyeko brand really value empowering women and celebrating women and I love to do the same for my customers.

What is your favourite Eyeko product?

The Limitless palette 2 – its highly pigmented, super durable and long lasting for all day and all night!

[Watch the full episode here on @EYEKO]

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Writer and expert
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