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The Smokey Winged Eyeliner

The Smokey Winged Eyeliner
Melanie Barrese
Writer and expert1 year ago
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With the Limitless Duo Gift Set 

We all know that a flicked eyeliner is an absolute classic look, but a nice adaptation is the smokey winged eyeliner. Anything that involves blending is your best friend and if you’re new to eye makeup or you’re not experienced in creating eyeliner looks, this eye makeup is a surprisingly easy.  The smokey winged eyeliner can also be adapted to suit your eye and while the campaign visual has a longer style wing, yours certainly doesn’t need to be as dramatic.  


The campaign look was created using the Limitless Duo Gift Set, which contains our newly launched Limitless Lengthening Mascara and a Limitless Longwear Pencil, both in classic black. Limitless Lengthening Mascara is our ophthalmologically tested, vegan formula that is derived from 80% natural ingredients, as well as having oat derived fibers to help give lashes incredible length.  Limitless Lengthening Mascara is also enriched with Acai Oil to help nourish lashes and it washes off with water alone. With the Limitless Duo Kit also containing a Limitless Longwear Pencil, this is a power duo when it comes to creating both day and night looks. The Limitless pencil glides across skin, but once it dries it stays in place thanks to the waterproof formula. I love the fact you can create defined and smokey looks with this one pencil, it’s just a makeup bag must have. 



When creating a look, it’s always good to start with your skin, by getting your foundation on first, it allows it time to settle and then you can always go back to it at the end to finesse, so it looks fresh and perfected.  


  1. Using the Limitless Longwear pencil, start to line the eyes, focus for now on the lids. With the pencil sharpened, rest it on the roots of the lashes and pull along, ensuring you are as close to the lashes as possible, to avoid any gaps. I always like to start in the middle of the eye and then do the inner corner separately, so I can make this section a little thinner.  
  1. The easiness of this look is due to the fact the liner is blended, and therefore you don’t need to be concerned with being neat when you’re applying the liner. With this in mind, apply the liner and then blend with either a small, firm eye brush, a Q-Tip or your finger. I would recommend applying in small sections, applying and then blending as you go. 


Once you have the liner on the lid applied, we can start on the winged flick. Remember this can be as elongated and dramatic or small and understated, it’s completely up to you.  

  1. Imagine there is an invisible line, coming from your lower lash line, going upwards towards the end of your brows, this imaginary line is the angle your wing should be.  
  2. Taking the pencil and with a light touch, start to draw the wing, following your imaginary line. At this point you can decide how long or short you wish it to be. Once you have applied the liner, start to smudge it with your fingers, Q-Tip or a brush for a diffused, smokey look.  
  3.  Next, connect your wing to the liner on the lashes, by sweeping the pencil down from the flick at an angle so the two join and then blend as before. This angle can be straight or curved, it’s down to preference. 


You can leave this look as it is now for a slightly paired back look or alternatively you can amp up the glamour, by adding extra smokiness and shimmer to your eyes, like the campaign makeup. We used the Limitless 3 Palette, which is a collection of shimmering jewel tones and classic black and brown matte shades.  

  1. Using a deep grey, brown or black eyeshadow and a small fluffy eye shadow brush start to apply a small amount over the liner. This will increase the intensity of the look, but also add a soft, smokey blended look to the eye. We used Creator from the Limitless 3 Palette, which is a matte shade.  
  2. Next add some lighter warm shimmer to the inner area of the eyes, this needs to be similar or a shade deeper than your natural skin tone. In the campaign makeup we used Divinity, which is a deep gold shimmer shade, but if your skin tone is deep or lighter than you will need to adjust accordingly.  
  3. With shimmer eye shadow it’s important you press onto skin, otherwise you risk it falling everywhere. With this in mind, pat the shimmer tone on the inner corner and middle areas of the eye lid. 


It’s good to leave under eye concealer to the very end, especially when doing both eyeliner or eyeshadow looks, as it makes the whole look clean and fresh.  

  1. If there has been any drop from the eye shadow or the liner has smudged during application, take a Q-Tip dipped in cleanser and light clean away, before blotting dry.   
  2. Apply concealer to the inner corners of the eyes. This area can take a lot of makeup and is usually the spot where dark circles are. For this reason, you can heavy her, but then lightly blend out under the rest of the eye. 
  3. Use loose powder to set your under-eye concealer, by taking a small fluffy brush and lightly buff on your powder. This will help set the look and prevent any fallout from the eye product.  


Lastly, we need to really emphasize your lashes and finish the look off with your Limitless Lengthening Mascara.  

  1. If your lashes are straight, use curlers to give eyes a wide awake, lifted look. 
  2. Limitless Lengthening Mascara can be worn softly or built up for added drama, for this look, ensure you have wiggled the brush at the root of the lashes and then pull through the lengths of the lash.  
  3. Add more mascara at the outer edge so lashes emphasize the winged liner.  
Melanie Barrese
Writer and expert
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