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Here at Eyeko we strive to amplify the voice of women and celebrate who we are and all that we achieve. Every month we will introduce incredible women to our community who inspire and encourage us. The first episode of our new ‘EmpowerHer’ series is now live on our social channels, so if you missed […]

3 months agoBy Eyeko
woman applying mascara

How to Stop Watery Eyes From Ruining Makeup

Sometimes, by no choice of your own, you’ll find yourself weeping. Whether it’s triggered by chopping onions, the cold wintery air, or the final scene of the Notebook, your tears will start to stream, bringing your perfectly applied eye makeup down with them. This is why knowing how to stop watery eyes from ruining makeup […]


3 tips for a flawless natural brows look

When it comes to eyebrows, the styles and trends are endless but one timeless look that works well on its own or as the base for another style? Natural looking brows. Whether you prefer a bold, glam eyebrow style, the unbudgeable laminated brow or err on the side of the more-natural, fluffy brow look, eyebrows […]

smokey eyeliner

How to Do Smokey Eyeliner: 3 Ways

The smokey eyeliner look is a staple for many. The blend of neutral colours matches any outfit and as far as application goes, it certainly doesn’t require a professional makeup artist. A look that can be subtly worn during the day or paired with a bold lip at night, anybody who wears makeup should know […]

2 years agoBy Josie Wilkins