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How to Stop Watery Eyes From Ruining Makeup

How to Stop Watery Eyes From Ruining Makeup
Josie Wilkins
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Sometimes, by no choice of your own, you'll find yourself weeping. Whether it's triggered by chopping onions, the cold wintery air, or the final scene of the Notebook, your tears will start to stream, bringing your perfectly applied eye makeup down with them. This is why knowing how to stop watery eyes from ruining makeup is so essential- whether you consider yourself a "crier" or not. When our eyes get watery and our makeup is not prepared for it, all of the effort put into perfecting the flick and fluttery lashes goes to waste.

So, is there a way how to stop watery eyes from ruining makeup? Yes, in fact, there is. Keep reading for Eyeko's guide to preparing your eye makeup for those tears that arrive when you least expect them.

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What is the best makeup for watery eyes?

Before we start looking for the best makeup for watery eyes, let's establish why your eyes may be streaming in the first place. If hayfever and emotions are out of the question, you may need to take a look at the ingredients in your eye makeup. Harsh fragrances and dyes can be irritating to our delicate eyes. Try eye products that have been designed with sensitivity in mind, such as the Limitless Lengthening Mascara. This particular formula is enriched with 80% natural origin ingredients, with oat-derived fibres to give weightless extension with a barely-there feel while acai oil cares for sensitive lashes. This is the ideal mascara for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Having said this, if your tears are down to factors out of your control such as your eyes reaction to dry, harsh temperatures, the way how to stop watery eyes from ruining makeup is to choose a formula that can withstand the water. Enter: The Eyeko Beach Waterproof Mascara. Sitting firmly in the best makeup for watery eyes category, this reliable, waterproof mascara is fibre-enhanced with coconut oil and 12 fruit extracts to condition while coating every lash for a volumised flutter.

Does waterproof eyeliner smudge?

With the lashes sorted, let's move on to eyeliner. Finding an eyeliner that can withstand tears and rain is relatively straight-forward. Similar to mascaras, it should be waterproof. However, many often find that their waterproof eyeliner doesn't stay put. Why does waterproof eyeliner smudge, you ask? The answer to this usually falls down to two things: its formula and how it is applied. We would recommend opting for an eyeliner that is not just waterproof but also long-wearing, such as the Eyeko Limitless Long-Wear Pencil Eyeliner. The combination of these two features will ensure that your eyeliner is one you can rely on, and your cat-eye won't budge.

How to apply eye makeup for watery eyes

Now that we're fully equipped with the tools, it's time to tackle exactly how to apply eye makeup for watery eyes.

  1. Firstly, begin with curling your lashes prior to applying any other eye makeup. This will mean that no eyeliner gets smudged and no mascara gets stuck. You’ll get the best of both worlds- curly eyelashes and intact liner.
  2. Next, when applying eye makeup for watery eyes there's some areas that you'll want to avoid. For example, lining the waterline tends to make watery eyes worse, especially when the water then proceeds to mix with the black pigment. To add definition to the bottom lid, gently draw small dashes close to the lashes from the outer corner to the middle of the lid.
  3. To stop watery eyes from ruining your makeup, we have a little tip: When applying eyeliner to the top of the lid, set it into place using a long-wearing eyeshadow in a color that matches your liner. For example, pat some of the shade Creator from the Eyeko Limitless Eyeshadow Palette 3 over the Eyeko Limitless Long-Wear Pencil Eyeliner in Law of Attraction to set the liner into place.
  4. As a final step, gently but firmly apply a coat of waterproof mascara. Wipe any excess off the wand first by scraping it against the lip of the tube then coat the lashes from root to tip. Hold the wand vertically and use the very tip of the applicator to apply mascara to the shorter lashes on your inner eyes and those on the bottom.

For one reason or another, we've all found ourselves fanning our eyes in an attempt to dry out tears before they spill. Whether or not that technique works is questionable. However, a much more reliable method is learning how to stop watery eyes from ruining makeup in the first place. All it takes is a few small adjustments in tools and techniques; just like that, your eye-makeup is entirely onion-proof.

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