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How to do reverse cat eye makeup


Any chance to mix up our eyeliner look is a chance we want to take. Graphic liner, floating eyeliner and the classic wing: there’s an endless number of trends to keep us inspired to change up our look without added complication. 

The latest eyeliner TikTok trend sounds complicated, but it’s quite straightforward. The reverse cat eye makeup is an eye-defining look where you apply liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner to the bottom lashes to give your eyes a more almond-like shape and a natural lift. What’s even better? It’s universally flattering and suits all eye shapes for effortless glamour.  

This eyeliner tutorial will show you a brand-new way of doing cat eyeliner, breaking down how to master reverse cat eye makeup with our top techniques, tips, and tricks. Step out of your comfort zone and kick your eye makeup up a notch with this step-by-step eyeliner tutorial.

Types of eyeliners you can use:


How to do reverse cat eye makeup

Step one: prepare your eyelids

As with other eye looks, it’s always best to work with a clean canvas. 

Step two: create a neutral base

As we are focusing on the lower lash line, it’s best to keep the eyelids neutral. Before applying any liquid eyeliner, you may want to create a base for your reverse cat eye makeup. If so, we suggest creating an eye contour look as your eyeshadow base. Not sure how? This post covers how to create an eye contour look.

If you want to focus entirely on the reverse cat eye makeup, simply add some dimension to the eyelid. With Limitless Eyeshadow Palette 1, use the matte shade Drape or Frank to blend into the crease and out towards the tail of your brow. Add shade Celestial to the inner corner of the eye. 

Step three: how to do the reverse cat eye

Using Limitless Long-Wear Eyeliner Pencil in your preferred shade, follow the natural shape of your lower lash line along the eye. Apply eyeliner on the bottom lash line, keeping as close to the roots of your eyelashes, trace toward the inner corner and past the tear duct.  

The subtlety and intensity is completely up to you. Smudge this out using a fluffy brush to get rid of harsh lines and give a softer appearance.  

With a fresh Q-Tip, drag the outer edges of the eyeliner in an upwards motion (slightly toward the brows) to give it a cat eyeliner effect. 

Apply the same shade of pencil eyeliner to the waterline, keeping it at the same level of intensity as your reverse cat eye makeup beneath your eyelashes.  

Next, apply Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner to the top of your lashes. Keep this line very thin and as close to your lashes as possible, then join the eyeliner to the inner and outer corners. 

Step four: Apply Mascara

To finish your reverse cat eye makeup, apply Lash Alert Mascara to open up your eyes and complete the overall look fully.  

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