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What is Eyeko Tubing Mascara Packaging?

What is Eyeko Tubing Mascara Packaging?
Josie Wilkins
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We've all been in that situation. After pressing the snooze button one too many times, you've found yourself in a rush. It's the kind of rush where in order to arrive at an acceptable time, everything must go exactly to plan. However, it is usually in this exact scenario that the hair won't comply, the keys go missing, or worst of all- you've scraped out the last of your mascara.

A desert island must-have, applying mascara is arguably one of the most essential steps of every day-to-day makeup routine. Many rely on that simple sweep across the eyelashes alone to look pulled together and ready for the day. So, when nothing will budge out of the cylinder despite all efforts, it can put a real dampener on the morning.

Thankfully, with Eyeko's tubing mascara you can rest assured knowing you will not have to resort to the chaos that is a face of makeup with bare lashes.

Keep reading to discover more about Eyeko's tubing mascara ranges.

Coloured Lash Alert Mascara

What is Eyeko tubing mascara?

Eyeko have a wide range of mascaras to choose from. They are all expertly designed to give you the volume, length and definition that you desire. Whether you need a reliable sweat and water-proof mascara to carry you through an intense workout or some extra lash-drama for a night out, Eyeko's tubing mascaras have different formulas to suit different needs. Perhaps you like to experiment with different colours, in which case the Lash Alert mascara comes in five different shades! With botanically-enriched formulas and body-boosting brushes, they are all quick and easy to apply with immediate impact.

However, one of the key features is that each one of these mascaras is in a squeeze tube. Therefore, unlike the standard cylinder, you can really squeeze out every last drop and get the most out of your product.

Why use mascara in a squeeze tube?

Apart from getting the most out of your mascara, there's plenty of other reasons why you should use mascara in a squeeze tube.

With Eyeko's tubing mascara, it's much easier to control the amount of product that you're working with. You may have experienced the messy case that is an excess of mascara on the wand. Too much product on the wand over-complicates the entire process of what should be a simple step. You now have the chore of evenly dispersing the excess across the lashes and attempting to brush out any clumps.

woman applying mascara

Squeeze tube mascara allows you to pinch the sides of the package together as you pull the brush out. This will act as a filter to remove any clumps that can form on the wand and provide you with all you need to coat your lashes. The curved brush of the Lash Alert Mascara is designed to hug all the way around your lash line. Just one easy swipe from root to tip and the job is done.

What's more, squeezing the package before applying can soften the product within it and achieve get that creamy volumizing effect for thick, clump-free lashes. If you want a more dramatic look you can squeeze the tube once or twice, for something more subtle, you can simply coat your lashes without pressing the tube at all.

How to get more mascara out of the tube

eyekos mascara tip

As mentioned, with Eyeko's tubing mascara, you can get the most out of your product. However, this isn't only because you can squeeze more mascara out.

As we are all aware, mascaras can dry out quite easily, and a dry mascara is difficult to work with. Luckily, we have three simple tips to get more mascara out of your tube.

  1. Firstly, when you squeeze the tube of mascara, you warm up the product inside and this makes it less stiff and easier to apply and you can use it longer.
  2. Secondly, avoid pumping. While many believe pumping the wand adds more mascara to it, it in fact, is a big no-no. Pumping the wand in and out pushes air into the tube which will make the product dry out faster. If you want more product, simply twist the wand back and forth while it is inside the tube to pick up more mascara.
  3. Lastly, if your mascara has dried completely, fear not. There's always a way to redeem it. Simply heat a mug of water in the microwave and pop your sealed squeeze tube mascara into it- gently. We don’t want any hot water splashes! After just a minute or two, you can remove your mascara and the contents will have loosened and melted slightly, softening any dried out product.

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Once you make the switch to a tubing mascara, there's really no going back. Take the step to clump-free, simple volume! To find the Eyeko tubing mascara for you, take a look at Eyeko's perfect match quiz. 


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Writer and expert
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