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4 Easy Eye Makeup Tips to Take Your Look to the Next Level 

4 Easy Eye Makeup Tips to Take Your Look to the Next Level 
Krista Thurrott
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Right now, easy eye makeup is the go-to look for most of the population. Requiring minimal steps while still making a put-together statement for your virtual meetings, we’re all seeking out easy eye makeup tips. 

If you’ve found yourself dreaming of making the most of your eye makeup even though the majority of social events are still happening virtually, these tips will help you learn how to do eye makeup on a strict time budget.  

The below tips will show you how to do eye makeup that makes an impact without sacrificing precious zzz’s. Follow the below eye makeup tips to effortlessly take your look to the next level:  

Eye Makeup Tip One: Cleanse & Prep the Eye Area

Removing makeup can be tedious and sometimes require energy we simply do not have at the end of the day. It’s not rare to find that the most stubborn makeup remains after our evening makeup removal routineHere’s how to start your morning makeup routine: 

Step 1: Think of this step as a treat for your eyes. Remove any remnant makeupleaving your eye area feeling smooth, refreshed and ready for your next eye makeup look. 

Step 2Once you have done this, use our Double Act Shadow Stick in your preferred shade to create an eyeshadow base for long-wearing, easy eyeshadow look that can be worn as it is or as a base for super staying power. 

Eye Makeup Tip two: Always Add Eyeliner

Choosing the right winged eyeliner to flatter your eye shape is the best way to make your eyes look bigger, boosting your confidence and leaving you feeling empowered. The right wing is key to an easy eye makeup look and it can add dimension while enhancing your natural shape.  

Example: if you have almond eyes, most eyeliner styles will suit you, especially the classic cat eye. Whereas, if you have round eyes it is best to create added width with your wing to deepen your eyes. Not sure what we mean? Next week we’ll have a blog post all about this! 

Pro tip: when doing your eyeliner don’t be afraid to line the waterlineBlack or brown will add definition to the eyes, especially if they are a light colour. If you put eyeliner on the upper waterline (officially known as the tight-lining technique), it will give the appearance of fuller lashes. For waterline eyeliner, we recommend using our Sport Waterproof Eyeliner to keep lines fresh and defined.

Eye Makeup Tip three: Use Highlighter Strategically

Adding a touch of highlighter to your eye makeup will open your eyes and add brightness (a great way to fake a full night’s sleep). Our Double Act Shadow Stick in Yin & Yang is an easy-to-use shadow stick and offers two versatile shades that allow you to transform your look in multiple ways. If you’re just looking to add a bit of highlight, use the Yang shade on your eyebrow bone for an instant brow lift. By applying to the inner corners of your eyes, you will also add a subtle shimmer to make your eyes pop. 

Eye Makeup Tip Four: Hack Your Mascara

You don’t have to wear a set of false lashes to get the full-lash effect, you can create full lashes by using only a lash curler and layering volumising mascara a lengthening mascara. We suggest coating lashes with our Rock Out and Lash Out Mascara to thicken and create a dramatic look. Then, layer with our Skinny Brush Mascara to separate lashes for added definition and length. Not sure what we mean? Read this in-depth post about how to hack your mascara.

Krista Thurrott
Writer and expert
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When I’m not writing or perusing the beauty section, I'm usually applying skincare or trying a new eyeliner. Most confident in minimal makeup with a bold lip, I invite you to join me on my journey to find the perfect mascara and red lipstick!