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Get Up & Go: The 5 Minute Makeup Routine We Swear By

Get Up & Go: The 5 Minute Makeup Routine We Swear By
Assistant Brand Manager5 years ago
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Imagine leaving the house every morning, perfectly put together, calm and stress-free, coffee in hand at the perfect temperature. Nope, we can't imagine that either. Reality is, more often than not we prefer to have an extra 10 minutes snoozing and usually end up scrambling around feeling rather stressed. One thing the Eyeko team swear by is ensuring we minimise that stress by following a simple 5-minute makeup routine each morning, and here's how we do it!

Step 1: Brow Down

Eyeko 5 minute makeup routine brushed up brows with Eyeko Brow Gel

Killer brows complete any look, and here at Eyeko we're obsessed with beautifully brushed up bedhead brows. Not only is a feathered brow totally in right now, but it's also a minimal effort look to achieve. We recommend sweeping brows through with our Brow Gel. In one universal shade, Brow Gel's botanically-enriched formula will effortlessly define brows. We brush brows upwards, starting at the inner corners, moving outwards towards the tail of the brow, changing your brushing motion to more of a diagonal direction towards the outside of the face. Expect brows that stay in place all day with extra dimension.

Step 2: Line & Define

Skinny Liquid Eyeliner Eyeko Makeup Routine

A quick and simple winged liner can work wonders for creating a wider eyed and lifted look. We recommend our Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. Simply use the lashes as a dot-to-dot to line across the lid, then apply a cat eye flick as small or as long as you'd like! Angling your line upwards towards the tail of your brow will help to lift your eyes and make your peepers look larger and more awake!

Step 3: Lift Those Lashes

Eyeko 5 minute makeup routine step 4 Lash Alert Mascara

Nothing helps you look wide eyed and bushy browed more than giving your lashes an extra lift. Our Lash Alert Mascara is the perfect mascara for a 5 minute makeup routine. Infused with Caffeine and a double dose of fibres to lift even the sleepiest of peepers, Lash Alert adds volume, curl and length for that super wide-awake look. Simply sweep through lashes in an upward and outward motion to separate and extend lashes.

Step 4: A Flush of Colour

Eyeko 5 minute makeup routine

A slight flush of colour on the cheeks will give you a youthful and healthy complexion, and here's where we turn to our friends over at Illamasqua and their incredible Colour Veil. An innovative hybrid blusher in a gel like format, Colour Veil comes in multiple shades and is super easy to apply and blend into the apples of the cheeks for a fresh, hydrated and glowing look.

Bonus Points: Coffee

Bamboo Cup Reusable Coffee Cup Eykeo

Of course, a mug of hot coffee makes any morning better! Keep your eyes peeled as we will be offering our Eyeko Bamboo Cup as a free gift with orders on site*.

What does your 5 minute makeup routine include? Which product can you not leave the house without?

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Assistant Brand Manager
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Hi! I'm Sally and I'm the Assistant Brand Manager here at Eyeko. I've always loved reading and writing blogs, so I like to dive in here and tell you what new and exciting things are coming up, from events and offers to campaigns and products! My day-to-day here at Eyeko HQ usually involves looking at the most exciting and fun new products we can bring to you, along with lots of creative ideas to keep the Eyeko website and social channels looking fresh.