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Galactic Lid Gloss | 3 Ways To Wear

Galactic Lid Gloss | 3 Ways To Wear
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Imagine it's the morning time and you're sat in-front of a mirror. Your make up's sprawled out around you and your hair's wrapped up in a towel. You have ten minutes to put your face together but don't know what look to go for. One thing the Eyeko team swears by is our brand new Galactic Lid Gloss. That's because, it's iridescent formula lets you glide the gloss across your eyelids with effortless application. But are eyelids the only place we'd recommend you wear it? Definitely not! Keep reading to find out our best morning methods of ways to wear Galactic Lid Gloss.

Eyeko - Galactic Lid Gloss Swatches - Colour Range

Go highlighter heavy

Give those cheek bones some shimmer! Gently glide the liquid eyeshadow across the top of your cheek to shape and shine your cheek line. Repeat this process again until you're happy with the final results. Go for gold with our shade Solstice, an enriching classic that will take your look to infinity and beyond. If you're not such a gold-ilocks, sparkle with Stardust, a highly-pigment silver-white tone which catches the light in all the right places.

Lighten those lips

Let your lips do the talking! Gently dab your Galactic Lid Gloss across the cupid bow to contour and define your lip line. Guaranteed to mesmer-eyes, our rustic colour Zodiac is perfect to add definition. If you're wanting to be good as gold, pair your lip liner with our magical Solstice to shoot for the stars with gold shine.

Brighten up those brows

Brow-wow! For application, lightly massage the cream eyeshadow formula in-between your brow hairs. Repeat this process again until you're happy with the final results. Use our luminous Luna shade to glitter until the sun goes down. Alternatively, get a real galactic glow with retrograde or Solstice for any blondes or brunettes wanting to shoot for the stars this season.

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Writer and expert
View aitchisonm's profile