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21 Things People Love About Eyeko

21 Things People Love About Eyeko
Writer and expert4 years ago
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Get to know 21 things people love about Eyeko

21 things people love about eyeko
  1. We are the iconic go-to brand for eyes.
  2. The brand was founded in 1999 and has since become an industry-loved favourite by many magazines and celebrities.
  3. The name Eyeko was introduced by mixing up the terms ‘Eye’ and ‘Korean Makeup.’
  4. We are proud to be cruelty-free and have a variety of vegan products.
  5. Many of our products come packaged in our signature lightweight squeezy tube which means you can get the most out of every purchase.
  6. In a 2019 customer survey 94.2% of participants ticked they would recommend Eyeko to a friend.
  7. Our Galactic Lid Gloss and Define It Brow Pencil are both Vegan Society Registered.
  8. We offer a Bespoke Mascara service which lets customers pick their own mascara brush and formula.
  9. In a 2019 customer survey 78.5% of participants ticked they found our products ‘easy-to-use’.
  10. We have the perfect mini mascara, eyeliner and brow travel companions for on-the-go touch ups – also known as Destination Eyeko.
  11. Our most iconic brand mascara to date is the Black Magic Mascara.
  12. In 2018 our Skinny Liquid Eyeliner was voted in Birchbox’s top 15 products as, ‘Essential Eye- Definer’ by Birchbox Beauty Awards.
  13. Our Beach Waterproof Mascara and Yoga Waterproof Mascara both have unique mascara brushes linking to their name and are also vegan.
  14. We have 150K followers on Instagram and we love to share all of your eye-mazing inspiration as part of #memyselfandeyeko!
  15. In a 2019 customer survey 91.3% of participants ticked they found our products ‘good quality’.
  16. Our Lash Alert Mascara contains caffeine and shea butter ingredients, which are great beauty agents for nourishing lashes.
  17. Our waterproof mascaras are not only great to use for all active occasions but they’re also perfect for events such as weddings, keeping lashes lengthen and lifted.
  18. In a 2019 customer survey 40.1% of participants ticked they see Eyeko as the ‘Eye Experts’.
  19. If you're feeling fruity you'll love this one! Many of our mascaras contain fruit extracts within their formula... how tasty!
  20. Our Lash Lab lets you learn different fun facts about your eyelashes. For example, did you know your lashes are made up of 97% keratin and 3% water? Read the blog.
  21. We have worked with some of the best global influencers to bring you the best tutorial content on how to apply our makeup.

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Writer and expert
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