How to: make your eye colour pop using eyeshadow

How To Apply Eyeshadow

We’re all for effortless, natural-beauty-enhancing makeup and one way of embracing this is by making the most of what you were born with. It’s no surprise we think the eyes are the window to the soul – so why not make them the centrepiece of your makeup look. 

That said, this doesn’t mean your new look needs to be complicated with hours spent in front of the bathroom mirror. In fact, these tips are so easy to work into your routine, they won’t require more than one product and one minute of your time.  

Calling on the versatility and ease of our Double Act Shadow Sticks, each shade combination supports a different eye colour (but if you’re not one to follow the rules, you can use whichever combo your heart desires as the universal shades are flattering on every eye colour). That said, if you’re looking to seriously make your eye colour pop, these tips are essential.  

Music to your ears? Keep reading for our top tips to make your eyes the main point of your makeup look.  

BLUE EYES: Double Act Shadow Stick in Dusk & Dawn

Blessed with baby blues? Just like the right outfit can make the world of difference in your look, so can wearing an eyeshadow that contrasts your eye colour. When it comes to capitalising on blue eyes, wearing earth tone shades will take your eyes out-of-this-world. Think velvety browns, coppery pinks and gold-flecked bronzes. 

GREEN EYES: Double Act Shadow Stick in Sugar & Spice 

Did you know roughly only two per cent of the world’s population has green eyes? You’re rare! Using colours at the other end of the colour wheel is the goal when planning your eye makeup around your natural eye colour. When it comes to complementary colours, opposites attract. For green eyes, use bronzed pinks and plummy aubergines to make a statement. 

BROWN EYES: Double Act Shadow Stick in Rock & Roll 

It’s all about the jewel-tones for brown eyes. To make your brown eyes really come to life, using gem-inspired shades is the key way to make the most of your natural eye colour. Intimidated by colour? Don’t be! You can keep it as simple as you like, applying one shade to the entire eyelid or, if you’re feeling more creative, trying an electric blue faux liner. No matter how you style it, jewel tones with electric blues and a metallic finish will stun. 

HAZEL EYES: Double Act Shadow Stick in Cookies & Cream 

When it comes to the eye colour lottery: you’ve won. You have plenty of options to choose from in terms of complementary colours. If you’re really looking to emphasise your luck, use warm browns and shimmering pinks for a next-level look. Create a natural smokey eye, drawing on the brown of your eyes with a warm chocolatey hue to suit and a shimmering champagne to make your eyes pop 

Krista Thurrott

Krista Thurrott

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