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How to apply cream eyeshadow & why you’ll love it

How to apply cream eyeshadow & why you’ll love it
Krista Thurrott
Writer and expert3 years ago
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The options for eyeshadows are endless. From powder and cream eyeshadow formulas to matte and shimmer finishes, how you create your eye look and whether you choose to shimmer or subdue can feel overwhelming at times.

If you’ve always wondered about cream eyeshadows, there can be a lot of benefits to using a cream variation over the traditional powder. For example, a cream eyeshadow can offer a long-wearing high pigment payoff without the creasing, and if you’re looking to save time, these eyeshadows can be quickly applied, making your makeup routine easier and leaving you feeling your absolute best. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, our Galactic Lid Gloss is a cream eyeshadow with a chrome glitter finish that is both easy-to-use and totally buildable. With a soft, flat applicator, this cream eyeshadow glides seamlessly across eyelids for a lightweight shimmer. Apply one coat for subtle shine, or build up for a more dramatic finish. 

Convinced? Continue reading for the benefits of a cream eyeshadow and how we recommend injecting a bit of Galactic Lid Gloss shimmer into your eye makeup look.

The benefits of cream eyeshadow:

  • Long-wearing & Crease-free: Cream eyeshadow can be especially effective on those with dry skin. The cream formulation can help skin feel hydrated, leaving a smooth and long-wearing finish. 
  • Quick & Easy to Apply: Simply sweep onto the eyelid using either a brush or your finger to blend. Cream eyeshadow is effortless for those in a rush. 
  • Mix & Match: Pair cream eyeshadow with powder formulas to build shade intensity and longevity, ensuring your look will last all day. 

Long- wearing & Crease-free

When it comes to powder eyeshadow, it can sometimes be difficult to blend on the dry areas of your skin. Cream eyeshadow tends to be easier to work with for those with dry skin as it has velvety texture that doesnt crack. It won’t crease or smudge easily, is long-wearing and does not require touching up throughout the day. 

Quick & easy to apply

Cream eyeshadow is quick and easy to apply: simply sweep over the eyelids using either your fingers or a brush. This will evenly disperse the perfect amount of pigment across the eyelids to create shimmering eyeshadow and glitter eye makeup effect.  

Mix & Match

Though powder and cream eyeshadows have different textures and formulas, don’t be afraid to layer the two together. Cream eyeshadows are the perfect base for powders to increase their staying power. Layering a cream on top of powder, will allow you to create and experiment with a variety of pigmented eye makeup looks.  

How to Apply Cream Eyeshadow – 3 ways

Precise Glitter Eyeliner

Embrace glitter with ourGalactic Lid Gloss as eyeliner. This is the perfect look for an evening on the town or to just add a bit of sparkle to your everyday. To create this look, use Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner to create a base line along your lash line and then layer Galactic Lid Gloss on top using the applicator or an eyeliner brush. 

Subtle Eyelid Sparkle

Keep your shimmer eyeshadow subtle and create a long wearing cream eyeshadow look. Using our Double Act Shadow Stick in Yangcover the full eyelid and blend out using a brush or your fingertip. Then pop a dot of Galactic Lid Gloss on the centre of your eyelid and blend out with your finger. Tie the look together with eyeliner and layers of mascara to accentuate this simple shimmer eyeshadow look.

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Layered Up for Full-On Glitter

Mix and match Galactic Lid Gloss and Double Act Shadow Stick to create more dramatic glitter eye makeup look. Build up your base using the darker shade on your preferred Double Act Shadow Stick, blending across the eyelid and into the browbone. Once blended, apply Galactic Lid Gloss, using your finger to pack a small layer of cream eyeshadow from the inner corner to the middle of your eyelid, layering the glitter eyeshadow to your preferred opacity.

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