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How To Do a Monochromatic Eye Makeup Look

How To Do a Monochromatic Eye Makeup Look
Josie Wilkins
Writer and expert2 years ago
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The eye makeup looks we see on our screens can often seem unrealistic for day-to-day wear. A myriad of blended colours running seamlessly into eachother, the finished results appear equally impeccable and time-consuming. If you live a life without alarms and morning rushes then certainly, this look consisting of multiple steps, brushes, and shades is attainable. Otherwise, not so much. Luckily, monochromatic eye makeup is a new look taking to our screens that's universally achievable. Pushing all complexity to the side, this one-colour glamour is a craze we can get on board with. Plus, the effortlessly sophisticated finish is one which goes far beyond TikTok trends.

Here's all you need to know about how to do monochromatic eye makeup in four different colours.

How to do an all brown eye makeup look

brpwn monochromatic eye look

Firstly, let's begin with a brown eye makeup look. This style has an nineties feel to it while also being extremely versatile. Here's how to master it.

Step One: Gather all of the brown eye makeup you'll need-Eyeshadowand The Colour Duo with Mascara and Eyeliner. 

Step Two: Using your forefinger and the nude-brown shade 'Drape' from the Eyeko Limitless Eyeshadow Palette 1, cover your entire lid. For medium or dark skin-tones, try the shade 'Morale' or 'Stark' from the Limitless 2 palette.

Step Three:  For this brown eye makeup look, the eyeshadow will multi-task as a liner too. Run an angled brush under the tap and shake of any excess water. Dab it into the shade 'Blunt' and trace the line of your lashes stopping at the outer corner. For a more intense lash-line, you can also try this step with the Cocoa Edit Liquid Eyeliner in Brown.

Step Four: Trace the upper and bottom waterlines with the Limitless Long-Wear Pencil Eyeliner in Magnetism.

Step Five: After curling the lashes, apply a coat of the Eyeko Black Magic: Cocoa Edit Mascara in Brown. Starting at the root of the lashes, wiggle the brush slightly to ensure you capture every lash and slowly pull upwards to the tip of lashes.

How to do an all blue eye makeup look

blue monochromatic eyemakeup look

Next up we have an all blue eye makeup look. Blue can be a striking colour to wear on the eyes so we want to make this look subtle enough to pull off with ease. We're going to hold off on eyeshadow and stick to a pencil eyeliner for a bright pop of colour that's easily added to every makeup routine.

Step One: Using the Limitless Long-Wear Pencil Eyeliner in the shade 'Destiny', trace the line of the lashes. Don't worry about how straight the lines are, just a general mapping towards the outer eye will do. However, make sure you draw the line as close to the lashes as possible so no skin is showing through.

Step Two: Once the line has been drawn, smudge the liner outwards at the edges with your little finger to create a soft, smokey blue eye makeup look. You can easily use your baby finger to do this here to quickly achieve this look.

Step Three: Curl the lashes and apply a coat of Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara in Blue.


How to do all purple eye makeup

purple eye makeup look

Purple eye makeup is great way to add a hint of drama to the eyes, both for every day wear and nights out. For this look you only need two simple products.

Step One: Using the same method as the one used for the blue eye makeup look, trace the line of the lashes and try to avoid any gaps. For a pop of purple, the Limitless Long-Wear Pencil Eyeliner works best in the shade 'Manifest'.

Step Two: At the outer corner, blend the colour outwards with your little finger.

Step Three: Using the same pencil, lightly trace along the bottom lash line. At the corner of the eye, join the top and bottom liner to create a subtle flick.

Step Four: As the finishing touch to all monochromatic eye makeup, curl the lashes and apply a coat of Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara. This time, use the Purple shade to complete your purple eye makeup look.

How to do an all green eye makeup look

green monochromatic eye look

Finally, we have green eye makeup. Out of the monochromatic eye makeup looks, the green is one which works particularly well to accentuate brown eyes. Green eye makeup can give an effortlessly natural finish whilst drawing attention to the eye, brightening those whites.

Step One: Grab your Limitless Eyeshadow Palette 1. For this look, we're working with the shade 'Peeled'. If you have an eyeshadow brush here, great! If not, your finger will do just fine. Swipe the shadow onto the lid and blend all over the lid.

Step Two: Using the angled brush, dip it into the same shade and trace the line of the bottom lid. Merge the line in with the eyeshadow on the top lid at the outer corner of the eye.

Step Three: Using your little finger, gently dab at the bottom line to blend the eyeshadow out. At the outer corner, use small, outwards strokes with the same finger to blend the line seamlessly into the rest of the eyeshadow.

Step Four: Finally, coat the lashes with the Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara in Green to complete the look.

These four monochromatic eye makeup looks are shockingly simple to achieve yet can do wonders to add a boost to your usual makeup routine. A black, simple mascara will always be a safe option but may not be the shade that will best accentuate your eyes with minimal effort. To learn more about what shades work best for you, take a look at our guide on How to Choose The Best Mascara For Your Eye Colour.

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