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How to Create a Warm Flicked Eyeliner


During the summer months, sun kissed, barely there makeup is the go to, with many people naturally wanting to wear less makeup. Yet here we in October, and the party season is just around the corner. This week at Eyeko we launched our beautiful Christmas campaign, which contains five gift sets, that contain some of our most iconic products for classic, timeless looks. With this in mind, I wanted to take you through our Christmas looks and show you how easy they are to recreate for the party season and beyond.  


With The Cocoa Edit Mini Duo Gift Set 

A simple, timeless and versatile look achieved using the Black Magic: Cocoa Edit Mini Duo. The rich brown shade of The Black Magic Cocoa Edit Mascara and Eyeliner gives colour intensity but the overall effect will be a little bit softer than the black shades.  

Start with your base, using your favourite complexion products to prep your skin how you like. Our top tip here to achieve a fresh and clean look, would be to leave concealer application until you finished your eye makeup look. 



  1. With the Cocoa Edit Liquid Eyeliner Pen, rest the tip on the root of the lashes, starting at the middle of the eye and drawing outwards. Get a close to the root of the lashes as possible so that there are no gaps. 
  2. Next, we add the flick, which can be whatever size you prefer. Our recommendation is to imagine an invisible line from your lower lash line to the end of your brow, which will guide the direction of your flick. If eyeliner is new to you, perhaps keep it small until you feel confident with the technique. 
  3. Now we join the flick with the rest of the liner. Simply sweep downwards from the end of the flick towards the lash line. Again this part of the liner can be curved or straight, see which style you prefer.  
  4. The finishing touch to any eyeliner is the very inner corner. We recommend not taking the eyeliner too far inwards, as this can sometimes make the eyes look like they are close together. Instead, make a very thin line with the pen so that overall, the eyeliner is going from thin in the inner corner to slightly thicker towards the outer edge of the eye.  

Another trick for mastering a flicked eyeliner, is to always have some Q-Tips dipped in micellar water. They are great to have to hand, so you can wipe away any mistakes.  


  1. Use the Limitless 2 Eyeshadow Palette to add some soft warmth to the look using warm, apricot shades.  
  2. Warm shades are perfect for adding depth in the crease of the eye without taking away from the bold eyeliner look.  
  3. Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and choose a warm shade that is 2 or 3 shades deeper than your skin tone and then blend into the eye crease.  


  1. Black Mascara Intense Mascara gives a colour saturated finish and is available in both black and brown. 
  2. If your lashes are very straight use some curlers and then apply the mascara. 
  3. When applying mascara we like to wiggle the brush into the root of the lash and the pull through to the tips. This will give you intensity at the root. You can also apply more mascara at the outer edge to mimic the flicked eyeliner you have created.  


  1. To finish the look off, use your concealer to perfect and clean the undereye. Doing this at the end of your routine helps keep the look fresh. 
  2. Apply your concealer to the inner eye, close to the tear duct, this area can take a lot of makeup without looking heavy and it’s usually the place where we get undereye circles. 
  3. Once applied, lightly blend around the rest of the eye, be sure to take it to the edge of the eyeliner for a sharp line.  

Melanie Barrese

Melanie Barrese

Head of Content

Hey! I'm Mel Head of Content for Colour Cosmetics. I've been a makeup artist for over 10 years and I love to educate through makeup in an easy, clear way, so you can explore your own makeup identity. Makeup is fun, it should make you feel great, and the best can always take it off and start again.