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Why wear colour eyeliner?

Why wear colour eyeliner?
Ana Joyking
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Eyeliner is a makeup bag essential, and if we could choose just two makeup products to take with us on a desert island, one of them would be eyeliner (and the second: mascara, of course!). Perfect for on-the-go glam: is there anything eyeliner can’t do? But even something so significant as eyeliner can become a little repetitive, and sometimes the classic black wing just isn’t cutting it. Enter colour eyeliner. 

An excellent coloured eyeliner pencil can give any eye makeup look a touch of sophistication and effortless definition, a pop of colour and confidence. It is THE missing piece to your makeup routine. But adding colour eyeliner can seem a little overwhelming if you’ve never done it before, and how to use coloured eyeliner may feel like a task best left to the pros. If you’re not used to it, knowing where to start is half of the battle. 

While there are no set rules on who can wear what colour eyeliner (we think the best colour eyeliner is the one that makes you feel confident!), there are shades that suit specific eye colours. If you’re looking for some guidance, now is the perfect time to start introducing colour eyeliner into your makeup routine. 

Our Limitless Long-Wear Pencil Eyeliner Pencils in five shades are creamy with a subtle hue perfect for adding extra definition and a pop of colour to your eye look. Cruelty-free and long-wearing, each coloured eyeliner pencil can be smudged and smoked around the lash line for added drama, or in a bold wing for sophistication with a twist.

Our NEW colour eyeliner shades:

  • Destiny – deep royal blue 
  • Higher-Self – cream 
  • Law of Attraction – jet black 
  • Magnetism – cool brown  
  • Manifest – plum purple 
Model with bronzed eyeshadow

How to use coloured eyeliner:

When choosing the best- coloured eyeliner pencil for your eye colour, consider the colour wheel for inspiration. Opposite and adjoining colours varying in tone can both complement and add a sharp contrast to your eye colour, making them stand out nicely while enhancing your look. 

Coloured eyeliner for blue eyes

If you have baby blues, then a variety of colour eyeliner will complement your eye colour. People with blue eyes tend to reach for the black eyeliner for a sharp contrast, but did you know that a deep blue coloured eyeliner pencil creates a more intense but sophisticated eye look.  

Using Limitless Long-Wear Pencil in shade Destiny, add a blue eyeliner along the water line for a subtle hue or along the lash line to create a wing for a look that speaks colour confidence.   

For blue eyes, warm and earthy tones such as Limitless Long-Wear Eyeliner Pencil in shade the Magnetism also work really well. This brown shade will help create a soft and neutral look whether you wear it alone along your water line for definition, or create a versatile look, taking it from day to night and smudging it out to create a brown smokey eye. 

Best coloured eyeliner for brown eyes

Have you ever wondered what colour eyeliner suits brown eyes? Brown eyes are the most versatile eye colour: soft or bold colours can make brown eyes pop. Though a jet-black eyeliner can be flattering, going for blue or purple eyeliner will make brown eyes appear more vibrant.  

Using Limitless Long-Wear Eyeliner Pencil in either Manifest or Destiny along your lash line and Higher-Self along your waterline will make your eyes appear larger. Pair this look with a coat of Lash Alert Mascara to make your brown eyes sparkle. 

Best colour eyeliner for green eyes

The right eyeliner for green eyes can make your eyes appear brighter and a standard black eyeliner or cool brown can do wonders to create a vivid eye look. For a softer eye look, a good plum purple complements the undertones in green eyes. Purple is the opposite colour to green on the colour wheel; a good plum eyeliner creates a sharp contrast with green eyes and enhances your overall eye makeup.  

Our Limitless Long-Wear Eyeliner Pencils in Manifest is a deep plum purple. If you pair it with the deep nude tones and rich, shimmer jewel tones in our Limitless Eyeshadow Palette 3, this will create the perfect look for a night on the town, making your green eyes pop.  

Best colour eyeliner for hazel eyes

Like brown eyes, people with hazel eyes can rock any colour eyeliner, from jet-black to a stunning green. To enhance the brown and green undertones that those with hazel eyes have, experimenting with different shades will bring out the different undertones in your eyes.  

A brown eyeliner will add richness to any brown undertones in hazel eyes, whereas a purple eyeliner will provide a contrast.  

Enhance by creating an eyeshadow look using Limitless Eyeshadow Palette 1, combining light nude tones. You can add contrast using Manifest along the waterline, or tie the entire look together with Magnetism. 

Ana Joyking
Writer and expert
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Hi there! My name is Ana and I love all things makeup. I have had a passion for writing for a long time and started my career in TV , Radio and music journalism, working on some really cool TV shows, festivals and interviewing cool bands. Now I get to write about all things make up from the help tips and tricks to the weird and wonderful, there is no limit to who you can be with the power of makeup.