5 Trending Easy Summer Eye Makeup Looks

Now that summer has arrived, our rain coats, polo necks and thick tights are nowhere to be seen. Similar to how we update our wardrobes depending on the season, we should also update our makeup bags. Easy summer eye makeup is all about subtle colours, shimmery finishes and playful glamour that can easily be taken from day to night. Here at Eyeko, we’ve narrowed down our favourite eye makeup looks that are trending this summer to brighten up your look with minimum effort and time.

For each of these looks we’ll be using two key products: The Eyeko Limitless Eyeshadow Palette 2 and the Eyeko Beach Waterproof Mascara. From a natural bronze to a sprinkle of glitter, keep reading to discover the 5 easy summer eye makeup trends that we’re jumping on this year.

Glitter eye makeup

shimmery eye look

Firstly, we have the glitter eye makeup. The staple summer skin is all about keeping it natural with a dusting of shimmer highlighted onto the cheeks and we’re following suit with this easy summer eye makeup.

Step One: Apply the shade Stark mostly to the outer edge of the eye using your finger or a brush.

Step Two: For the glitter eye makeup, use the shade Moxie. With your little finger, dab the golden shimmer onto the lid starting at the inner corner and stopping mid-way through the eyelid.

Step Three: Apply a coat of Waterproof Mascara for a finish that will withstand any impromptu beach trips.

The simple step of patting a shimmery highlight onto your lids can quickly allow you to join in on the glitter eye makeup trend that’s everywhere this summer.


Soft glam eyeshadow looks

soft glam

The next easy summer eye makeup we have is the soft glam eye shadow look. The best thing about soft glam eye shadow looks is that they are subtle enough to wear with ease during the day, while adding a hint of drama for a night out.

Step One: With the ring finger, dab the shade Oath onto the centre of the lid.

Step Two: Blend the deep warm nude shade outwards using your middle finger.

Step Three: With an angled brush, gently dab the shade along the bottom waterline and join the line to the rest of the eyeshadow at the outer corner.

Step Four: Curl the lashes and apply a coat of the Waterproof Mascara.

This soft glam eye shadow look is easily achievable with just one shade of colour, yet instantly gives the impression that an effort has been made.


Two tone eyeshadow

Two tone eyeshadow is a look we’re seeing everywhere at the moment, and for good reason. This effortlessly chic finish adds depth and dimension to the eye, however, it reverses everything we thought we knew about blending eyeshadow. With two tone eyeshadow, the trick is to apply the lighter colour to the crease, with the darker shade at the forefront of the lid.

Step One: Begin by applying the first out of the two tone eyeshadows- the shade Morale, a light nude, all over the lid.

Step Two: Following that, gently dab the shade Oath along the upper lash line and blend it into the rest of the lid.

Step Three: Using an angled brush, apply the same shade along the lower lash line and join at the outer corner of the eye.

Step Four: As with the other easy summer eyeshadow looks, finish off with an essential coat of Waterproof Mascara.


Golden eyeshadow looks

golden eye look

We like to think of this easy summer eye makeup look as golden hour on your eyelids. Golden eyeshadow looks are a perfect way to instantly dress up a look and accentuate the eyes.

Step One: Apply the shade Peach, a matte, brick orange shade all over the lid.

Step Two: Using the shade Brazen, add the sparkle by blending the shimmering rusty copper hue all over the lid.

Step Three: These two shades combined result in a golden eyeshadow look within minutes. Top off with some mascara and you’re ready to go!


Natural summer eye makeup

natural summer eye makeup

Finally, we have a natural eyeshadow look. The ultimate easy summer eye makeup look, a natural hue on the eyelids is the perfect way to add an element of effort to your look. This subtle finish can be added to every day morning makeup routines and instantly adds depth while brightening the whites of the eye.

Step One: For this easy summer eye makeup look, chose a shade of nude that blends in the best with your skin tone. For light skin tones go for the shade Morale, for medium choose the shade Peach and for dark skin tones, the shade Stark would work best. Apply the colour all over the lid before applying any other makeup. At the crease, blend outwards so the shade naturally dissolves into the rest of the skin.

Step Two: Add some depth into the crease with the shade Oath.

Step Three: Last but not least, curl the lashes and apply a coat of the waterproof mascara.


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