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Grapefruit and aloe extracts: what are the benefits?

Grapefruit and aloe extracts: what are the benefits?
Krista Thurrott
Writer and expert3 years ago
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It’s no surprise as we settle into a new year amid a global pandemic that the general population is seeking easy ways to pamper themselves at home. Have you made skincare resolutions? Like the rest of the world, we have!  

We all know the benefits of buzzy skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and shea butterBeing hyped as skin saviours this year, we have never shied away from botanical infusions in our favourite Eyeko London makeup products. In fact, when it comes to botanical infusions and popular beauty ingredients, our products embrace skincare-inspired eye makeup that delivers on its promises.  

Did you know shea butter is in our Black Magic range? Loved for its conditioning properties, shea butter is a common ingredient in our products used to soften lashes. While you’re enjoying the volumising benefits of Black Magic Mascarait’s conditioning your lashes, giving them a soft and fluttery feel.  

Our most popular mascara by far, Lash Alert uses a caffeine and fibre-enhanced formula to boost lashes, giving them a wide awake and wide-eyed effect.  

When it comes to skincare and beauty hybrids, have you heard of grapefruit and aloe extracts? These two lesser-known ingredients are making a comeback in a big way this year, and while we can’t give away too much information just yet, team Eyeko has a bit of makeup magic up their sleeves 

What are aloe vera and grapefruit extracts?

Aloe vera is a skin superfood that has been used for centuries to soothe skin, so it makes perfect sense that this superfood is incorporated into your at-home routine. Aloe extract is the concentrated version of the soothing gel. Used in skincare, this extract is known for its calming, hydrating and cooling properties. Giving the true spa effect, aloe will leave your skin feeling soothed and refreshed – and during a time when visiting the spa isn’t an option, this ingredient is the next best thing.  

Grapefruit extract, like aloe extract, is a concentrated version of the citrus fruit, promising the same great benefits in a more intense formula. With refreshing properties and an uplifting scent, this extract is just as much of a treat for your senses as it is your skin. Loved for its energising scent, grapefruit extract is the perfect addition to your routine now more than ever before.  

Watch this space next week to learn about the product we’re launching which combines the world of natural extracts, skincare and eye makeup. For now, cheers to a new year of soothed, refreshed and glowing skin. 

Krista Thurrott
Writer and expert
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When I’m not writing or perusing the beauty section, I'm usually applying skincare or trying a new eyeliner. Most confident in minimal makeup with a bold lip, I invite you to join me on my journey to find the perfect mascara and red lipstick!