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How to Style Thin Eyebrows with Makeup

How to Style Thin Eyebrows with Makeup
Josie Wilkins
Writer and expert2 years ago
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At this stage, it can be confirmed that full, natural-looking eyebrows are far more than a trend. While we may not realise it, we often associate defined facial features with youth. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that a prominent set of eyebrows can take years off our appearance. Unfortunately, whether it's due to overplucked eyebrows that won't grow back or the natural hair-thinning process that comes with aging, hanging on to a solid brow that firmly frames the face is easier said than done. Fear not, we've created a guide on how to style thin eyebrows step-by-step so you can maintain that youthful definition, regardless of how sparse your eyebrows may be.

Keep reading for all you need to know on how to work with what you've got to achieve a full brow look.

Why do eyebrows thin with age?

Let's begin by looking at the main reasons why eyebrows thin with age. Firstly, as we know, our skin loses its elasticity over time. This is why we use plumping creams and regimes that promise us a youthful complexion for longer. This loss of elasticity is also why eyebrows thin with age, as it can cause our hair follicles to become brittle, fall out and stop producing hair completely.

The second reason why eyebrows thin with age can be down to hormonal changes. When the levels of certain hormones begin to decline, so does the hair's strength and thickness. It's always a good idea to get check-ups on the thyroid, as often an imbalance of the hormones released from this gland can be linked with sparse eyebrows.

What can you do to help sparse eyebrows?

eyeko's over-plucking eyebrow tip

The first way how to thicken the eyebrows may be stating the obvious, but you must stop over-plucking immediately. In fact, you may be over-plucking without realising it. Our tip is to avoid a magnifying mirror and harsh lighting when shaping your brows. It can tempt you to go over-board with tweezers, attacking the harmless hairs that can’t actually be seen. Instead, only remove noticeable strays that appear towards the end of your brow. 

What's more, instead of plucking out unruly or lengthy hairs, simply comb the hairs outwards and trim off any excess length. The Eyeko Brow Grooming Kit has everything you need for touch-ups without going overboard and ending up with sparse eyebrows.

Another way how to thicken the eyebrows is to brush them with a spoolie brush daily, as this can encourage new growth. Brushing your brows stimulates circulation to the hair follicle, which can be helpful for sparse eyebrows.

Finally, use nourishing products. Chose eyebrow gels that are infused with ingredients that work to visibly improve the appearance of sparse eyebrows. For example, our Brow Gel is infused with keratin, gingko biloba, proteins and multi-vitamins for a flexible hold and conditioning of the hairs.

How to style thin eyebrows step by step

If it seems that your overplucked eyebrows won't grow back, be patient. Waiting to spot some regrowth in sparse eyebrows can take some time. Luckily, there are a few ways how to style thin eyebrows that can instantly give the appearance of full, thick hair.

Step One: Comb it

woman combing thin eyebrows upwards

As mentioned, combing the eyebrows with a spoolie brush can help to stimulate the growth of hairs. Not only this, but brushing the hairs into place is the essential first step to styling thin eyebrows.

Using upwards motions, brush the hairs into place to begin the framing of the face. Brushing the hairs upwards opens up the eye and gives a lifted effect to the face. It also allows you to see clearly where you need to apply pencil as well as giving a groomed look to the face, so even if you don’t apply product, you’ll instantly look better with combed brows. 

Step Two: Define it

woman using pencil to fill in sparse eyebrow

Next up, add some definition. Pick a pencil shade that best suits your hair colour, whether it's a light shade, medium, or dark. Once you have your pencil, use the angled precision tip and follow your natural shape with light, short strokes to fill in gaps and mimic the actual hair. 

Fill in any obvious gaps and following that, you can also apply the pencil to the top of the brow for an instant lift. The arch and tail of the brow is the most important area to define as this gives a sculpted and therefore a more lifted look to the eye. Where possible, avoid or use very little product at the inner corner closest to the bridge of the nose, as applying too much here can give the whole face a severe look.  

Step Three: Spotlight it

woman using highlighter under the brow arch

Use a Highlighter Pencil under the brow line and along the arch. The light reflecting properties of the highlighter pencil will give the illusion of a lifted arch and will accentuate the brows. Highlighting under the brow will also help to make your eyes appear bigger and give an overall illuminated glow.

Step Four: Seal it into place

As a final step, seal your efforts into place with a flexible yet sturdy eyebrow gel. Use short upward flicks to effortlessly hold the brows into place while adding a final tint of colour to that full, defined brow. Apply upwards at the inner corner and then comb following the direction of the brow. If brows are very fair or you don’t want a tint, our brow gel also comes in a clear version.  

The power of a well-structured brow should never be underestimated. Eyebrows can truly make or break your overall look- adding or taking years away from your appearance. Once you know how to style thin eyebrows, why not try some new techniques? Discover these 3 Key Eyebrow Trends and How to Achieve Them with our step-by-step guide.

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Writer and expert
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