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4 Easy winged eyeliner tips to change your look

4 Easy winged eyeliner tips to change your look
Ana Joyking
Writer and expert3 years ago
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For most, makeup has been at the bottom of the priority list over the past year. With most of us spending more time inside than beforeour makeup looks were kept simple with just a quick touch of mascara and filled-in eyebrows. The natural look took over and we stepped away from creating any dramatic eye looks for a while. 

If you feel like your skills are a little rusty and need a serious boost of inspiration to prepare for summer socialisingwe’re here to help. It’s not about reinventing the wheel and trying to learn the most elaborate eye makeup looks imaginablewe’re taking it back to basics.

In this post we’ll remind you how to create the classic winged look, how to master it, then kick it up a notch to take your makeup skills further, making you feel more confident without getting too complicated. 

Want to know how to take your eyeliner to the next level? This post is full of eye makeup tips and tricks to get you back on track for social plans.

The Classic Winged Look

black magic: cocoa edit liquid eyeliner

We can all agree that winged eyeliner is a modern classic and the go-to eye makeup look for so many, however, it may be time for an liner refresher. We go into full detail in this blog post, but if you’re just looking for a refresher, keep reading. To draw the perfect wing, it’s all about knowing your eye shape (we just wrote a full blog post on this!) and whether you prefer a dramatic liquid wing or a more subtle lining to the eyes.  

To create the classic winged liner look, draw a vertical line on the outer edge of your eye and create a triangle shape. Fill in the triangle with your favourite liquid eyeliner, then follow the shape of your eye, lining as close to the lash line as possible, filling as needed.  

Tip: To master the classic winged eyeliner look it’s all about finding the product that you find most comfortable. Our Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner has a precision point - a key factor in mastering the look. A pen-shaped eyeliner also means it is easier to hold and angle. 

Add a pop of colour

THE look of the summer season is coloured eyeliner. A wearable look that can go from day to night, you can vary it with a precise line or a smudge of colour to really bring out your eyes and help you feel your very best. 

To create a coloured eyeliner look use our Double Act Shadow Sticks in your preferred shades and draw a line to create a wing shape like usualThen blend it out to create a high-impact smudge of colour 

You can leave it like this or add a bit more drama by making the colour pop by using liquid eyeliner alongside the colourcreating a contrast in the form of a layered wing.  

Tip: Double Act Shadow Sticks are creamy and long-lasting so, when applying as an eyeliner, remember this formula gently glides onto the skin to make it super blendable.

Graphic Eyeliner

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Want to switch it up from the usual look? Sometimes the best way forward is to play, experiment and find what feels good for you. There’s no limit to what you can create with a graphic eyeliner look and the beauty is you can keep it really simple, by just adding a second wing under your original one, creating a mirrored graphic eyeliner look. 

To take it even further, you can trace the eyeliner from the wing-back across the crease of the eye toward the inner corner for a more dramatic mirrored wing.

Tip: This look is the chance to step away and have a good play to find your next go-to look. The key to the graphic eyeliner look is a steady hand and plenty of practise.  


The beauty of the smokey eyeliner trend is that mistakes are easy to cover up by smudging them out – perfect for anyone getting back into the eyeliner game.

To create a smokey eyeliner look, use our Black Magic: Cocoa Edit Pencil Eyeliner to draw as close to the upper and lower lash line as possible. Don’t stress: this does not have to be perfect. Then using a brush or your fingertip, smudge out the eyeliner in a windshield-wiper motion until it is blended out 

Tip: To add a second colour to this look, simply create a base with our Cocoa Edit Pencil Eyeliner, blending it outThen layer with our Sport Waterproof Pencil Eyelineruntil you reach your desired pigmentation, smoking it out until both colours are blended together.

Ana Joyking
Writer and expert
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Hi there! My name is Ana and I love all things makeup. I have had a passion for writing for a long time and started my career in TV , Radio and music journalism, working on some really cool TV shows, festivals and interviewing cool bands. Now I get to write about all things make up from the help tips and tricks to the weird and wonderful, there is no limit to who you can be with the power of makeup.