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Lash Alert Mascara | The Perfect Mascara for Length

Lash Alert Mascara | The Perfect Mascara for Length
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The perfect mascara for length

The clue’s in the name! Whether you love our Lash Alert Mascara, or have never tried it before, it’s no secret this mascara is a big hit in the beauty industry! So why do our customers (you!) love this product so much? Good question! Keep reading to find out more on why this mascara is perfect for lengthening those lashes.

Why do our customers (you!) love our Lash Alert Mascara?

Mascara… a staple in the majority of our makeup bags. Depending on your eyelash hairs and eyelash finish preference, the ultimate mascara can include different eye catching results. Whether it’s length, curl or volume, our Lash Alert Mascara is perfect for giving your peepers a more defined wide eyed look! The reason why? It’s nourishing caffeine and shea butter ingredients are essential in giving the appearance of an elongated look to your eyelash hairs.

Lash Alert Mascara | The Perfect Mascara For Length

How to use:

  • Firstly, moisturise your skin to leave peepers feeling hydrated.
  • Next, gently place our Lash Alert Mascara’s brush under your upper lash line and slowly move upwards.
  • Repeat this process again until you’re happy with the final results.
  • After this, reposition our Lash Alert Mascara’s brush to your lower lash line and slowly move downwards.
  • Repeat this process again until you’re happy with the final results.
  • Go one step further and buy our Travel-Size Lash Alert Mascara… the perfect pocket products for girls on the go!Click here to buy.

Read the top 3 customers reviews

I have bought this many times, it goes on like dream never gets clogged up like so many others I have tried. Stays on all day and easy to take off at the end of the day. Not sure if the caffeine keeps me alert though! Love the squeezable tube. Oh and the website ordering delivery all very good too” - 23/02/20 by CarolynVerified Purchase

Great lengthening and volumising mascara! Really gives a boost to my lashes, makes them long and full and lasts all day. The curled wand also makes it really easy to get all my lashes and helps them stay curled through the day. A must-have for every day!” - 14/02/20 by BeaVerified Purchase

Love Lash Alert... First time I've tried it and will be buying more... Really captures all my lashes and gives a natural, but defined look... Really chuffed” - 14/01/20 by SamanthaVerified Purchase

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Writer and expert
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