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Personalised Mascara: Discover Eyeko’s Bespoke Mascara

Personalised Mascara: Discover Eyeko’s Bespoke Mascara
Assistant Brand Manager5 years ago
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What makes the perfect mascara? Is it the carbon black formula, or XXL volume? Is it reach-for-the-stars length, or a curvaceous curl? The answer; it’s different for everyone! At Eyeko, we understand that and whilst we offer a lot of different mascara options, with different brushes and different formulas, we know that finding the right mascara is a big deal. That’s why we created Bespoke Mascara, giving you the ability to create your own personalised mascara!

What Is Bespoke Mascara?

Bespoke Mascara is a tailor made mascara service, that allows you to literally create your own personalised mascara to suit your lash needs. With over 100 options, each formula and brush has been created with exclusive Korean technology and Eyeko’s iconic zero-waste squeezy tube to ensure your mascara doesn’t dry out.

Eyeko Bespoke Personalised Mascara Brushes

How Do I Pick A Bespoke Mascara?

Having over 100 options to choose from may sound daunting but we’ve made it super easy! To create your own Bespoke Mascara, head to our Bespoke Mascara page on site and take the quiz. This quiz asks you a ‘How would you describe your natural lashes?’ and ‘Which effect is most important to you when choosing a mascara?’.

Once you’ve answered these simple questions, it will recommend a few brush options for you and let you know the benefits of each. You can then pick a brush that you know you will love. Once you’ve picked your brush, add to your basket and your Bespoke Mascara will arrive housed in a gorgeous black box, with a cute lash comb exclusive to Bespoke Mascara.

Can I Get A Bespoke Mascara In Store?

Absolutely! If you’re based in the UK, you can head into Selfridges Oxford Street, where our Mascara Editors will advise and prescribe the perfect mascara custom made for your eyes only. During your one-to-one consultation we will ensure your lashes are matched with the perfect brush combined with a formula that meets your lash needs and desires.

Eyeko Bespoke Personalised Mascara Selfridges

Have you tried Bespoke Mascara yet? What are your thoughts on personalised beauty?

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Assistant Brand Manager
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Hi! I'm Sally and I'm the Assistant Brand Manager here at Eyeko. I've always loved reading and writing blogs, so I like to dive in here and tell you what new and exciting things are coming up, from events and offers to campaigns and products! My day-to-day here at Eyeko HQ usually involves looking at the most exciting and fun new products we can bring to you, along with lots of creative ideas to keep the Eyeko website and social channels looking fresh.