Worried about your eye care routine? These products can help

aloe and grapefruit extracts

How we wear our makeup has changed. Our routines have shifted and taken a complete 180 turn. Masks and face coverings have made us focus on our eye makeup, skincare and eye care routines more than ever before.  

We all know the benefits of natural ingredients such as shea butter, keratin and biotin – known as skin saviours when it comes to natural cosmetics. With life returning to some semblance of normal, you may be worried your skincare routines are slipping. The good news? Our products are infused with popular skincare ingredients becoming a beauty and eye care inspire hybrid that delivers on its promises. 

Worried that your eye care routine will slip as life returns to normal? Our products have that added extra to keep on top of all your eye care needs.  

1.  Off in a Blink Makeup Remover  

Perfect for sensitive eyes, our Off In A Blink Eye Makeup Remover gently removes stubborn eye makeup to reveal clean lashes and complexion, leaving the skin feeling refreshed. With a botanically-infused formula, this solution contains a combination of aloe vera and grapefruit to soothe the skin and give an energising scent to leave you feeling pampered. 

Plus, aloe vera is known for having calming properties. Off in a Blink Makeup Remover will leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. An added bonus? It will make your skin look seriously refreshed all while effortlessly removing eye makeup, including our very own cult-favourite, waterproof mascara and eyeliners. 

2. Lash Alert Mascara

Lash Alert Mascara is a botanically-infused and fibre rich formula with an added dose of shea butter. Lash Alert Mascara will give your lashes an instant dose of energy due to its caffeine and biotin natural ingredients. The positive effects of biotin on hair have been scientifically proven and in our mascara, biotin and caffeine lift the sleepiest of lashes while conditioning with arginine. This black mascara gives perkier volume, curl and care all day.  

You may be wondering: what is shea butter?  Shea butter is known to moisturise and soothe the skin while reducing inflammation. This natural ingredient helps gives the appearance of elongated eyelashes.

3. Brow Gel

The nano brush and enriched formula of our Brow Gel effortlessly defines eyebrows for a natural finish with a flexible hold. Using our Brow Gel is a vital tool to any on-the-go makeup routine. Our Brow Gel also helps strengthen hair. If you’re wondering what is keratin? Keratin is a protective protein in your hair – the same protein which helps our Brow Gel strengthen your eyebrow hair. Universally flattering, this tinted formula visibly improves the appearance of eyebrows, while garcinia mangostana fruit extract helps condition for healthy-looking and nourished eyebrows. 

4. Black Magic Mascara

Designed for after-hours volume, Black Magic Mascara combines drama and curl in our darkest formula to add intensity to your eyelashes. The curved brush mimics your lashline shape for a 90-degree curl. Even better: Black Magic Mascara contains nourishing natural ingredients such as keratin and shea butter. This enriched formula keeps your eyelashes feeling conditioned, supple and defined all day.  

Ana Joyking

Ana Joyking

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