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How To Do a Pink Eyeshadow Look

How To Do a Pink Eyeshadow Look
Josie Wilkins
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The colour pink can often make quite a statement. Whether it comes in a bright accessory, a bold lip, or an entire outfit, there are certain situations where the shade of love requires an air of confidence to pull off. With eye makeup, however, this isn't the case. Once you know how to do a pink eyeshadow look, the result is quick, easy, effortless eye makeup that can take you from day to night. From peachy nudes to dusky roses, the timeless shades of pink accentuate the colour of the eye and brighten the whites. So without further ado, lets take a look at how to do a pink eyeshadow look, both for everyday beauty and evening glamour.

Does pink eyeshadow go with blue eyes or is it best with brown?

We previously discussed How to Choose The Best Mascara For Your Eye Colour. Brown tinted lashes are particularly flattering for blue eyes, while a green tint is a surprising complement to brown eyes. So, does pink eyeshadow go with blue eyes? Or does it flatter brown best? What makes pink eyeshadow so universally appreciated is that it goes with blue eyes, brown eyes, and everything in between. It also complements every skin tone effortlessly, which is why many choose a shade of pink as an everyday coating on their lids.

To make things even easier, introducing our new Limitless Eyeshadow Palette in Concrete Pink! This lightweight palette gives you the option to choose from 6 long-wearing shades, from matte warm pinks and greys to shimmery rose gold and bronze.

How to Apply Pink Eyeshadow Step By Step

The best part about this palette is that due to its high pigment and crease-proof formulas, you don't need any fancy tools to apply the shadows! Plus, each of the six shades has been selected to complement each other so that you can pair them together seamlessly for both daytime and evening looks, as kindly pointed out by one of our happy users!

review of eyeko concrete pink pallette

So, once you've grabbed yourself and your palette, you're ready to learn how to do a pink eyeshadow look.

How to do a pink eyeshadow look: Step One

Using your forefinger, dab it in the shade Candid, a matte, pinky-nude colour. Sweep your finger across the lid, from the inner to the outer corner to cover it in a light, natural hue.

woman applying pink eyeshadow

How to do a pink eyeshadow look: Step Two

Once the base has been covered, use the same forefinger to create a crease in the eyelid with the shade Bloom, a matte, dusky pink. Starting from the outer corner to the middle of the eyelid, gently dab the finger along your natural crease and blend inwards. Keep using little strokes of the finger until the darker shade runs seamlessly into the light base of the lid.

step 2 pink eyeshadow

How to do a pink eyeshadow look: Step Three

Using the shade Bloom again, apply some of the pigment onto the tip of your forefinger and lightly sweep under the bottom lash line to add some dimension to the eye. Keep the finger close to the lash line for a natural-looking contour around the eye.

step 3 of pink eyeshadow

To finish off your look, delicately pump the lashes with an Eyelash Curler and add a layer of the Eyeko Limitless Lengthening Mascara for length and volume with a barely-there feel. What's more, you can always add a hint of shimmer to the look by dabbing the shade Radiate, a light-reflecting rose gold to the inner corners and to the front-centre of the lid.

How To Do a Smokey Pink Eyeshadow

To add an element of drama to your eyes, try a more smokey finish. For a smokey pink eyeshadow look, venture towards the bottom of the palette where you'll find a cool, deep brown and a pinky-grey shade. Where you used Candid for the base of the lid previously, instead try the shade Stone. This will set the base with a greyish-pink hue and purple undertones. For the crease, use the shade Brave, a deep cool brown. These two shades pair well together to give an overall smokey pink eyeshadow look. Blend them together with your forefinger and simple as that, you have an evening version of your effortless day-to-day look.

Now that you know how to do a pink eyeshadow look both for the day and evening, it will be hard to go back to anything else! With its subtle, effortless finish and easy application, pink eyeshadow is a reliable look that can be achieved in minutes to instantly enhance your eyes. Lift your lids with a sweep of pink and take those simple three steps to transform your look.

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