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Add all-day definition with Eyeko's range of eyeliner pencils. With creamy formulas and intense pigment, these eyeliners are an effortless way to instantly upgrade your eye look. If you've not yet mastered the liquid eyeliner wing, why not smoke one of these pencil eyeliners out into the lash line for a subtle definition in a matter of minutes. Whether you prefer an intense black or a pop of blue or purple pigment, these versatile eyeliner pencils work to accentuate the whites of the eyes and bring out the colour of the pupil. For an effortlessly chic finish, explore our range of eyeliner pencils today.
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Why Eyeko's Pencil Eyeliners?

Eyeko's eyeliner pencils are incredibly versatile and easy to use. Their long-lasting, pigmented formulas mean that they can add all-day definition in just one swipe. What's more, they can even double up as an eyeshadow base when applied to the eyelids and blended out.