Precise Brow

A precise brow is less about creating texture, or even about how defined it is, it’s more about using your natural brow shape and ensure it’s correct to the anatomy of your bone structure.

STEP ONE - To start, take your brow pencil and place it vertically so it sits next to your nostril. The place where the pencil hits your brow is where you brow should start, so you can take a coloured brow product and create a very faint stroke to mark this spot. Keeping the pencil by your nostril, move it at an angle, until it is in line with your eye pupil looking forward and the spot where it meets your brow is the precise location of where your brow arch should be. Again moving the pencil at an angle so it meets the end of your eye, the place where it hits your brow, this where you brow tail should stop, as before faintly mark the spot.

STEP TWO - With all the markers measured out you can now fill the brow with your favourite coloured brow product, such as Micro Brow Precision Pencil. Starting at the inner corner draw a line, following the roots of your bottom brow hairs, until it hits the arch marker and then following on until you get to the tail marker. This should feel like a dot to dot line. Then do the same above the brow, ensuring you draw the line faintly at the top of the inner corner.

STEP THREE - The next step it to fill the brow which can be done with hair strokes where needed or completed filled in for a bolder look. The only thing to pay attention to is not applying to much product at the inner corner, as this can make the entire face look very severe.

STEP FOUR - You can then use a gel to groom the hairs into place and even finish off the look with some highlighter, like Spotlight Highlighter Pencil to give extra lift.

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