Natural Brow

The natural brow is softer and less transformative, so requires not only using less product, but also working with your natural brow shape and texture.

STEP ONE - Start by combing through your brows to initially groom and to see what direction you would like the hairs to go in.

STEP TWO - Taking our Fluffy Brow Volumising Fibre Gel start at the center of the brow and with an extra light touch start to comb through brow hair. This will give instant colour and volume, thanks to the fibre rich formula. Follow the natural direction of the hair and if you feel like you’ve applied to much, take a brow comb and comb through the product to separate and lighten the application.

STEP THREE – If you have gaps in your brows, you can use the a pencil like our Micro Brow Precision Pencil to create hair like strokes or alternative take an eyeliner brush and raw hairs in using the Fluffy Gel formula.

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