Laminated Brow

Creating a laminated brow without the chemical process, is surprisingly easy, it’s just all about creating texture. The laminated look is ensuring your brows are groomed in to a shape that is fluffy, and most importantly, that the inner section close to the bridge of your nose are pointing upwards.

STEP ONE - Comb through your brows. At this stage do not worry if your brows are sparse or have gaps.

STEP TWO - Apply a brow gel, paste or wax, like our Brow Gel – Clear. You need to ensure your brow hairs are coated in product, so brush backwards and forward through the entire brow. The clear brow gel will also give you brows a slight wet look, which is what we want for this kind of look.

STEP THREE - After brows are coated in gel, start to shape them, pushing them upwards at the inner corner and then going out at an angle towards the arch, it should have a fanned out look. At the arch, follow your brow shape down, but again, get the hairs to go out at a slight angle, the fanning out of the hair on the top of the brow will create the fluffy defined look we’re after.

STEP FOUR - After leaving it to dry for a minute or so, use your fingers to press your brow hairs down, so they stick onto your skin.

STEP FIVE - Once they are completely dry, you can then start to look at areas that need filling in. It’s best to use a pencil or pen because we’re only filling in where it’s absolutely necessary. Taking a product like our Micro Brow Precision Pencil and create hair like strokes where there are gaps. If you want to make your brows look stronger, you can also add more pencil or pen to the brow tail.

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