Full Brow

The Full Bow look is about adding volume to your natural brow to create a fuller look, without changing the shape. To add extra volume to create a bigger looking brow, it’s not only about applying products in sparse areas, as well as above and below the brow, but importantly, using hair like strokes, so the look isn’t too bold.

STEP ONE - Start as always, by combing your natural brows to groom and shape them into the shape you want.

STEP TWO - Next take a pencil formula, like Micro Brow Precision Pencil and start by filling in any gaps with small strokes that mimic hair. To create more volume, start drawing small light lines following the direction of hair growth on the top of the brow, these should not be too big so they are noticeable, but less than a millimeter in size.

STEP THREE - Then, along the top of the brow, around the arch create some extra definition to give lift and shape to the brow.

STEP FOUR - Finish by combing some brow gel, like our Brow Gel - Tinted or Clear to hold brows in place but also the sheer wash of colour adds to the full look and texture.

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