Eyeko’s Mascara Guide: Do’s & Don’ts

Eyeko’s Mascara Guide: Do’s & Don’ts

Eyeko’s guide to perfecting your mascara application

mascara do’s and don’ts


Since you’re browsing Eyeko’s blog, you’re probably looking for some eye makeup tips and tricks. Mascara, the staple in everyone’s every day makeup routine. Mascara seems like a pretty simple product, but it might be surprising how many of us struggle to apply mascara correctly without that mouth-wide-open concentration face.

Read our mascara guide to noticeably up your mascara game and achieve those full, fluttery lashes you’ve always wanted.


Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara

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Tip 1: Find your perfect mascara

Eyeko’s Perfect Match Flowchart: First thing’s first, find your perfect mascara. You can’t possibly achieve the best results if you haven’t yet found the perfect mascara for you. Click here to view the Eyeko mascara flowchart and find your perfect match.


Tip 2: Mix & match formulations

Mascara Wardrobing: Mascara formulations are often specialised to achieve specific results. This means that we shouldn’t always rely on one mascara and instead combine formulas to achieve any desired look.

Eyeko Bespoke Mascara: Our Bespoke Mascara will help you to find your staple, the base to your every day makeup routine. Combining your Bespoke base with your favourite Eyeko volumising mascara for your night-out, or add lift and curl to your date-night look using Black Magic. Finding your Bespoke base and combining formulations will help you to achieve the best results every time.


Tip 3: Correcting Mistakes

Avoiding Smudges: Over-application of mascara leads to a build-up of product, which can get messy and cause smudging. Combining formulations will help to avoid avoid over-application of your mascara as you will achieve your desired look without feeling the need to over-apply. Avoid over-application and run over the very tips of your lashes with a q-tip after applying your mascara to prevent smudging.


Correcting Mistakes: There’s one mistake you can’t always avoid…The. Dreaded. Sneeze. Sneezing after applying mascara is the worst. The best thing to do is wait for the mascara to dry and gently remove with a clean spoolie or dry q-tip. Attempting to remove smudges immediately will most likely disturb your base or eye makeup and make more mess!


Tip 4: Mascara Hygiene

Replenish: Mascara hygiene is more important than you might think. Most mascaras have a used by date, or general industry rules. Unopened, Eyeko mascaras have a two year shelf life, and once opened we would strongly advise that you replenish your mascara after 6 months to avoid bacteria build up and eye infections.

Travel Sized Mascara: Travel sized products are cute and convenient when you have extra packing space but hygiene first! Always travel with minis to reduce and prevent the risk of germs and bacteria spreading from abroad.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Tip 5: Mascara Application

Maximise Product Life: Avoid pumping your brush in the mascara to pick up product, this will cause air bubbles to get into the tube and dry up your mascara. We would suggest twirling the wand in the tube to coat your brush in the desired amount of product. Better yet, Eyeko’s innovative tubed packaging allows room for flexibility, no product wastage and makes it even easier to coat your brush in the perfect amount of product.


The Mascara Wand: Mascara wands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which aim to achieve different results depending on your personal preference. Knowing how to use your wand correctly will maximise the performance of your mascara and achieve the best results. Try out our Bespoke Mascara service to find the perfect wand and formulation for your lash type.


Bottom Lash Mascara: To get those tiny bottom lashes that can be difficult to capture, simply turn your brush vertical and apply your mascara with a light hand to delicately coat bottom lashes. If you often find that you have mascara transfer throughout the day, run your fingertip over the very ends of your lashes to prevent smudges. If you do smudge, refer to tip 3!


Application Techniques: The standard mascara application concentration face and blinking to coat the lashes is (surprisingly) not the best or most effective way to get the most out of your mascara. Instead, we recommend applying your mascara in a zig-zag motion to make sure that the entire lash is coated from the inner to outer corners. This technique instantly adds volume and makes it much easier to capture those smaller inner and outer corner lashes. Our final application tip works wonders! Tilt your head backwards and look down slightly into your mirror to apply your mascara – you’ll be surprised how this can make a difference to your application technique.


Mascara Removal: Eyeko’s ingredients work to protect, nourish and stimulate lash growth, so a gentle removal process is as important as caring for your lashes with nourishing ingredients. Our Mascara Off Wipes are designed to gently remove makeup and cleanse the eyes. Infused with a botanical blend the Mascara Off Wipes remove even the most stubborn of waterproof and tubing mascaras while the olive oil and aloe extracts soothe the delicate eye area.


We hope these tips help you to up your mascara game!

Don’t forget to take our flowchart quiz and find your perfect mascara.


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